New Member Zone game started

New MemberZone game started

Today we started a new Member Zone game. That’s great and I hope that all the stressed members will have a bit time to play the game. MemberZone games are a bit different and the last game was finished almost 4 months ago. Some of our members didn’t play a MZ game yet and I was asked what is the difference between MZ and PS.
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MemberZone Game Halted

After a long time, some news from me.

Yesterday, we started a MemberZone game. dihedral and Thraxiam teamed up and so did Osai and I. The idea was to make a competitive game similar to good old coopetition but without a time restriction to induce a more relaxed gameplay on a relaxed saturday evening.

The game was great fun to play, overall. However, the game started to sync Osai and me out every few minutes. As we tried to continue today it has shown to desync us every few seconds, making it hard to play at all. Bugfixing is in progress – lets hope for success.

Roles, Large Boats and Shared patch

I have a proposal for a fancy game we can try, which would involve multiple companies filling in for specific roles, shared global exchange idea and large capacity ships. In a nutshell – it is schema where each company is given a region, and it would not deliver any of local cargo (thus delivering all primaries to an exchange point) while being sole owner of some secondary industry and processing required materials delviered from other regions (taken from exchange point).
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2 Beta’s in same week!

Our lovely member Progman did it! A config tool for a easy way to set our start options, no thinking about diff_options anymore.

Progmanâ??s Config Tool

Because the NewGRFs will also be managed over this tool, we need a new system for saving our GRFs, they need to have the right orders. Trainsets have to be after narrow gauge track i.e. etc.

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New Terminus Station Concept

New Terminus Station ConceptWe all know terminus stations and we try to avoid them, because they are poorly slow. They are not able to cope with higher amounts of trains and start jamming faster than Bermuda Hubs. At our current Member Zone game (a.k.a. WD2) I built a larger Station for express traffic in an area with a lot of problems. There was no place for a proper exit and a too big station is not good for a city area. I decided to built a terminus station and developed a new concept, which is able to cope with a much higher amount of trains than a generic terminus station and a lot of smaller than a roll-on-roll-off station (RoRo). Now lets have a look at the details.

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