MemberZone Game Halted

After a long time, some news from me.

Yesterday, we started a MemberZone game. dihedral and Thraxiam teamed up and so did Osai and I. The idea was to make a competitive game similar to good old coopetition but without a time restriction to induce a more relaxed gameplay on a relaxed saturday evening.

The game was great fun to play, overall. However, the game started to sync Osai and me out every few minutes. As we tried to continue today it has shown to desync us every few seconds, making it hard to play at all. Bugfixing is in progress – lets hope for success.

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  1. Thraxian November 26, 2007 01:31

    I would also like to add that this is my first mz game, and dihedral has admitted to being a tad “rusty”, which explains the disparity in performance between the two teams. That, and our opponents opted to buy out 75% of our company while we weren’t looking. With those company shares and 40 cents, you might be able to buy a candy bar!

    Also, scheduling times to play this game have been rather difficult, as I am in the Eastern US, while my fellow builders are across the Atlantic. Add to that my rather busy week, and it has been a challenge getting all four of us to sit down for even 30 minutes to do some real building.

    The desyncs have been somewhat bothersome, but they don’t seem to be affecting the dih/Thrax team too terribly. In fact, we take full advantage of these to make some progress towards catching up to our fierce competitors.

  2. Osai November 29, 2007 14:10

    We won’t continue this game until Mucht in dihedral return from their travels. Besides, the desnyc problem is still not fixed.

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