Merge with trunk of NoAI branch

Fellow coopers,

great news, another big step forward in OpenTTD development: the new framework for computer players has been merged from the NoAI branch into trunk. So, from now on, there’s no need anymore to complain about those stupid AI which OpenTTD had up until now – everyone may programme his or her own AI with as much intelligence as desired. Like many people did as documented in the NoAI subforums. Check out the threads there for different AIs.

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Busses, Highways and the common Bus Driver

Today planetmaker and I did a nice test game to prepare for another competition against NoAI opponents. Of course we are interested in a real comparable competition and want, therefore, only build road vehicles. A wise preparation is necessary, otherwise we might get a nasty surprise.
We tested the behavior of road vehicles, intersections and bus stops.

Bus Stop
A Bus Terminal
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MemberZone Game Halted

After a long time, some news from me.

Yesterday, we started a MemberZone game. dihedral and Thraxiam teamed up and so did Osai and I. The idea was to make a competitive game similar to good old coopetition but without a time restriction to induce a more relaxed gameplay on a relaxed saturday evening.

The game was great fun to play, overall. However, the game started to sync Osai and me out every few minutes. As we tried to continue today it has shown to desync us every few seconds, making it hard to play at all. Bugfixing is in progress – lets hope for success.