New member: Taede

Time for something or rather someone new: welcome aboard to our newest team member, Taede!



We know him as friendly and helpful occasional player on our servers. And recently he started to work also vigilantly on the other side of the servers which players usually don’t see (or which they only see the server’s nick name on the IRC channels of). Thus he proved himself already very helpful in maintaining our servers and started giving them a decent cleansing with a good amount of soap so that they become easier to maintain, more flexible and future proof 🙂

So tremble in fear before the new all-mighty one 😉

Welcome, Taede!

My OpenTTD Story

Hello, this time I am not going to write an article which would attempt to describe some part of building, or any other kind of documentation helpful for learning directly.

Through the time of me being around, it happened quite a few times that I was asked questions about things from the past, about history of openttdcoop, about what I myself did, what happened here and there.

To be entirely honest, I just got a new keyboard and I am just in the typing mood, which means I will not be paying too much attention to proper well thought out structure of the article or similar things, I will just put it as it comes and one more thing … and do not expect images! 😀

Alright, now we lost 99% readers by not including images, we can continue… It might be short, it might be long, it might be useful, it might not. Either way I hope you enjoy reading as much as possible and perhaps the article will help you understand how the things around here work.

I wish you a good read of the random nonsense which follows :>

Bring it

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Advanced Building Revue 13: Self Regulating Stations II

Self-regulating Stations are one of the most insteresting stations known throughout OTTD. The purpose and design of such station may differ, but in general they make sure the self-regulating trains get fully loaded. This article will address the constructions and designs of Self-regulating stations, their limitations, and how this might be improved by building Asynchronous Self-regulating Stations – some preliminary concepts of Asynchronous Self-regulating stations will illuminate this topic, as well. Additionally, some of the newer Self-regulating Transfer stations are also included, as these stations act very similar to asynchronous stations. Here, some different designs will be shown, how is dealt with different features and the noteworthy exeptionalities.

If you are unfamiliar with Self-Regulating Networks (SRNW), then I advise to read Wiki – SRNW & ABR:09 – Self-regulating Stations I, prior to this article.


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ProZone open to public

Dear fellow cooperators,
we would like to proudly present to you our newest move, making ProZone the home of Finalizing and later stages of Public Server games.

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It is finally here

So after an absence of about 5 months it is finally here, a new time lapse video! We just started a new game and I have to get back into playing OpenTTD so it was an excellent chance to time lapse. I hope you guys like it.