Mixing Balancing and Merging

Over a period of months I have been developing a game which I have been test out network capacity and packing. To do this I boosted some primary industries and connected them directly to the main line. This in itself causes issues, which can jam the main line. To overcome this issue I built very high capacity stations.

My network ended up with 890 trains that travelled around a ML ring. Since all the primary stations where on the ML the game ended up only having MSH and BBHs. This meant that I have to balance all of the tracks on and off the main loop. The loop was LLL_RRR most of the way around excluding the northern section which was LL_RR and L_R only in some sections.

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A lo largo del río

We started a new Pro Zone game now and I am glad I was able to join it. I am extremely busy and preparing for exams (if you haven’t heard that yet) and therefor the blog isn’t too active anymore. Though I love to play and the new scenario sounds promising: “a lo largo del río” means along the river, and that is our newest scenario. We are looking a bit for another roleplay game. Because of the lousy technique we are not able to cross the river with trains, but fortunately ferries were invented recently. Three bigger cities established with their neighbors on the other side harbors to transfer goods, passengers and all other fundamental resources required in an rough environment like deserts are. Deserts are dangerous and therefor the builders stick to the river, yes, along the river.

Ziz Valley
Mountain photos by photographer Jef Maion

Check these pictures and get some impressions. The scenery is just awesome.

#openttdcoop vs. AI

Yesterday evening we had mostly spontaneous hit at testing some of the new AIs which are around for the NoAI branch which is currently very actively developed for OpenTTD. Using r13726-noai loaded with 2x convoy (written by GeekToo) and 1x AdmiralAI (written by Yexo), the team of Ammler, Mucht, Osai, dihedral and myself set out to have a measure on the playing strength of the current AIs. Later Tim joined in on us. Yexo, the creator AdmiralAI, of one of the best AI around (see tournament chart), supervised the AIs and took care of the general setup.
Terminal 2 - one of our starting terminals

Terminal2 and the adjacent town – one end of our initial rail line. We haven’t been alone there since the very beginning.

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wwOTTDgd/2 finished

Today the world wide OpenTTD game day #2 finished. All in all it was quite a successful event. Starting in 1950, it ended in 2032 with nearly everything connected and over 1400 trains, 200 vehicles and 100 planes servicing the stations of the different companies.
Capital of Global Warming company with many stations
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Dev-Server: compete and charge others for using your tracks!

Today we started a new game on the openttdcoop.dev server. The patch tested is the track sharing patch currently under development by Gendemon (Forum thread).
UPDATE 3: we now use the updated version 0.3 with an additional “move player” possibility to allow easier swaping of companies. For downloads see below.

Please feel free to join, open your company or join an existing one (don’t use individual company pw here. Server has maybe pw ‘coop’ or no pw) and extensively test this feature. Besides being a really nice feature for the usual multiplayer games, giving them a completely new dimension, this patch is, if tested successfully, also a nice, big step forward to maybe a next incarnation of the next wwottdgd (World wide OTTD gaming day) with much more than just 10 clients connected – a real co-opetition event :).

So far available: r13031IS.diff, linux binary (32bit), OS-X (intel) binary and Win binary