Logging and statistics

As most of our players will know, we keep a log of activity on our Public Server. Few however know how it works, what is being stored and what we do with it. That’s why this blog will explain the basics of our logging functionality and what that means for openttdcoop and its players.

Example of a logfile.

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YAPP – Yet Another PBS Patch

Since a few days a nice patch is discussed at the tt-forums. It is another try to implement PBS in OpenTTD. The first idea of PBS is almost three years old. The old PBS was only supported by NPF (the old ‘new-pathfinder’) and since YAPF became the common standard the development was not continued.
We are currently running a dev server with YAPP (r12062M)
IP: dev.openttdcoop.org:3982
You can find the password at our irc channel: #openttdcoop.dev @ irc.oftc.net

This new patch looks really promising. The code is clean and fits to the standard openttd developers prefer. Now, lets have a look at the details. Read the rest of this entry »