#openttdcoop Voice

So this idea has been passed around for quite a long time now. We do now have a Teamspeak 3 server available.

Now I should mention at this point, this is NOT a replacement for discussion over IRC/chat. IRC should still be the primary coordination method.

The Teamspeak server is to be more of a supplemental thing, mostly for general banter. If a group of #openttdcoop players want to use it to coop in other games, we can open it up for that on a case-by-case basis.

Server info available with the @teamspeak command in IRC.

General gaming guide at day9tv

There is a channel on blip.tv based on Starcraft 2 by a person called Day9. It is someone who not only knows a damn lot about SC2 gameplay but he is an extremely clever person who thinks about things in an interesting way. And he is entertaining to listen to, at least for me.

What I want to share with you in this post is a link for his 400th daily episode. This time his daily is not completely related to SC2 but it is more of a general talk about how people think not only when playing SC2 or playing games in general. Of course it is not entirely relevant to OpenTTD in all aspects like for example making a surprise attack strategy, but many other points are very valid to consider even here.

Here is the link for the videos and below in the article I will try to show how do I think those points fit even to our environment.
Day9 daily 400

I really enjoy watching is videos despite I do not play Starcraft 2 just because he is such an entertaining person to listen to.

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European Kendo Championships

So we’ve known about this for a little while now, but in little over a week the European Kendo Championships are taking place, and our very own Osai is competing.

<Osai> I was and still am very busy
<Osai> next week I’ll participate at the european championships
<KenjiE20> oooh, good luck
<Osai> and till now the preparation was very intensive
<KenjiE20> hmm, we should probably blog this
<Osai> now I have almost one free week (only two soft trainings) and next wednesday I’ll fly to Hungary
<Osai> there even is a website: http://ekc2010hungary.kendo.hu/

ganbatte ne Osai!

Mixing Balancing and Merging

Over a period of months I have been developing a game which I have been test out network capacity and packing. To do this I boosted some primary industries and connected them directly to the main line. This in itself causes issues, which can jam the main line. To overcome this issue I built very high capacity stations.

My network ended up with 890 trains that travelled around a ML ring. Since all the primary stations where on the ML the game ended up only having MSH and BBHs. This meant that I have to balance all of the tracks on and off the main loop. The loop was LLL_RRR most of the way around excluding the northern section which was LL_RR and L_R only in some sections.

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Bon Voyage, Mark

So last night, Mark bid #openttdcoop a fond au-revoir as he sets of on his planned 2 year excursion globe-trotting.

<Mark> riiiiiiiiight that’s it :)
<Mark> i’m off, for a couple of years
<Mark> so, thanks for the great time folks
<Mark> hope to see you all again when i get back in a few years
<Mark> if everything goes according to plan i’ll be gone for two years
<Mark> first in australia for a year, then 6 months new zealand, then to indonesia or china
<Mark> at least that’s the plan

We all wish Mark the best of luck around the world, with any luck, he’ll be back from time to time to report in.