Logging and statistics

As most of our players will know, we keep a log of activity on our Public Server. Few however know how it works, what is being stored and what we do with it. That’s why this blog will explain the basics of our logging functionality and what that means for openttdcoop and its players.

Example of a logfile.

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Webcam on PublicServer

After a bit playing around with screenshot maker and Autopilot, this is what came out:
Webcam of #openttdcoop PublicServer
(If the server is active, you get a new image at least every 15 mins.)

I guess, there are some other possibilities with this feature, I am looking forward. 🙂

Timelapse Patch on a PSG

In the public server game PSG #117 (r14508) I tested the timelapse patch by Roujin. It allows you to create screenshots automatically at a given interval. The screenshots can be converted to a movie with a program like mencoder.
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wwOTTDgd/2 finished

Today the world wide OpenTTD game day #2 finished. All in all it was quite a successful event. Starting in 1950, it ended in 2032 with nearly everything connected and over 1400 trains, 200 vehicles and 100 planes servicing the stations of the different companies.
Capital of Global Warming company with many stations
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Announcement: wwOTTDgd #2 on 12th July

Previous posts, both here and in the tt-forums or even the OpenTTD wiki already spread the rumour that there might happen a second world wide OpenTTD gaming day. Finally the vote for a date has been closed and the decision is quite clear: the majority of people prefer 12th July as the date for wwottdgd, server will be open for joining from approx. 7am UTC (9am CEST) onwards.

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