PURR 0.0.4 has been released!

Hello dear nut-humans!

It has been only almost 3 weeks since I released BRIX 0.0.2 and I have already recycled it’s sprites. If you liked BRIX maglev, the new PURR tracks are basically the same, with colours and custom tunnels!

You can find it on the content download, BaNaNaS.

Why update now?

PURR 0.0.3 has been out there for quite a long time already, and eventually it just got absorbed by the monstrous NUTS Unrealistic Train Set, later justified by adding engines directly influenced by PURR (the MEOW class).

Since then the only utility of PURR is when you use it with train sets other than NUTS. Which is still nice but makes it kind of semi-useful for us as we use NUTS in most games.

Now PURR has a new reason to exist – NUTS does have it, but not in 32bpp. If you want 32bpp, you need to add standalone PURR. It won’t break any functionality, just add graphics.

What is new?

As hinted above, PURR is now 32bpp with extra zoom which makes it super compatible with BRIX. Apart from that it also has new railtype tunnels exclusive to PURR.

The tunnels almost require BRIX to be around, otherwise their terrain won’t fit. Luckily there is a parameter so you can turn the tunnels off. That does not cause tunnels to disappear, base set’s tunnels for rail will be used instead, just like they always have in earlier versions of PURR.

There should probably be another parameter which would only define the ground to select compatibility. Maybe some day.

I think there was also some mess in functional compatibility to the PURR in NUTS – some railtype IDs were different or whatnot. Now I just literally copied the PURR code from NUTS so it should all be fixed.


Per usual I expected this to be way simpler, easier and faster to do, and per usual I found myself to be majorly wrong. Level road crossings were so much wtf that I actually left them alone, maybe I can gather more mental fortitude and give them another try sometime in the future.

I was obviously thinking about updating NUTS with the new PURR, but there isn’t really that much point. NUTS is a mostly 8bpp NewGRF except slugs, and that’s how it should stay. Not to mention that it would be another 15MB extra filesize that you can download separately.

In the end I can say that PURR again has a purpose and is updated to work properly.

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