OSQC#01 (finally) finished

Dear folks,

some of you may remember the long forgotten #openttdcoop scenario quest competition (osqc). We tried but failed to gather the judgings of more than two people (Mark and myself) on the 8 final submissions to the contest. A far bigger number of people actually played that map back in early 2008, though.

A complete description of the task and the initial map supplied to the participants can be found here. A quick recap is this image

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OSQC – delayed

Hello Community,
due to personal problems, a lot of work and my sport I was not able to finish the osqc web-interface yet. The current one isn’t coded either! Please send your save games to ottdcoop@ppcis.org.

Deadline for the #OSQC 01 is: 10 February 08

The next #osqc will be delayed and it is still not clarified which one it’ll be. Mucht is still coping with the flu and my scenario is only 15% done. Anyway, I want to show you a little teaser for the next scenario. I am really happy about the amount of participants at our very first round of #osqc.
Teaser for the second OSQC

Working hard on OSQC

It was quite silent here the last couple of days and I have a lot of stuff in the pipeline. For now I just want to give you a little update on the osqc interface.
I decided to store all the submitted in a database and after the osqc all of them can be downloaded. While the osqc is running, only the creator and the judges can download the solution. Another thing I bear in mind is a little support system to answer all the upcoming questions very elegant.

judge area mock-up
Preview of the judging area

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Information about OSQC

The first osqc is, besides some minor issues, a great success. I am really impressed. A lot of the problems were answered directly by me and others were discussed in the according tt-forums thread.
Already 23 players signed up for the first scenario. If you have finished your scenario and created the final solution you probably want to submit it. I didn’t create the submit form yet *shame on me*. Instead I started coding a complete interface for #osqc. Which is quite complex and includes all the features we need. I.e. a judging area, trouble tickets for your questions about the scenario, the ratings and much more.

Please be patient, it is quite a lot to do. If you feel able to help us and speed up the development, contact us.
In the meantime you have to send your scenario via e-mail to ottdcoop@ppcis.org. Please use the e-mail address you signed up with and add your username + code to the subject of the e-mail. It makes it easier to analyse the mails.

I am also thinking about the judging procedure. My last idea was:
5 Judges: , <2 Coop Members> & <2 coop suspects or volunteers>. Read more about that at the osqc:Talk page

OSQC is here!

the first OSQC game is ready to play. You can sign up for the Competition as well. Though I didn’t finish the submit part yet. But this’ll follow soon.

At http://openttdcoop.ppcis.org/osqc/ you can find all the information you need about the game. The jury is still not created but I am sure we will find the judges soon. If you want to take part at the competition you have to sign up. Find your personal solution for the tasks of this game and build as smart as possible.

You need the #openttdcoop Grf Pack v6 to play the scenario.

If you have any questions, post them here.
Good luck with the competition and enjoy the game.