Rivers during map generation

Just a quick note to all people who now generate maps: get a nightly version as of today or newer and thanks to Rubidium the maps can contain automatically generated rivers. The NewGame menu has a new option which allows to set the amount of rivers on a map – though the actual generated amount of rivers may vary depending on the roughness of the terrain.

Be careful with the rivers though – they don’t heal themselves and you can’t build them ingame 😉

Rivers in arctic climate

Under the scope: Rivers in OpenTTD

Since r11926 OpenTTD supports rivers. Of course this is a very interesting feature which we should have a closer look at. OpenTTD doesn’t support rivers in the first place, you need Michael Blunck’s rivers.grf (in the download section). If you do not use this grf file, rivers will look like canals and the rapids will have grf glitches. You can only build rivers in the scenario editor.

Rivers in OpenTTD

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