Stochastic Networks

You will probably have seen, or participated, in the last Public server game, which was all about logic. I’ll try to explain it in a bit.

After recent interests in self-regulating construction, there was an attempt to improve the usability of such designs. We have already seen self-regulating networks, where dummy trains transfer cargo onto ML trains, and recently self-regulating orders where vehicles could potentially go to all stations. What has not yet been done is to apply a form of regulation to point-to-point passenger games.

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Impressions of Public-Server Game #74

The last Public-Server Game was quite a nice one. The game was played for more than 80 hours in six days (14th – 20th December). Due to the fact our players live throughout the world our games can run almost 24/7.
Connection to the Factory (PublicServer Game 74)

We built 600 trains with a train-length of 8 tiles. They bring a network quite into struggle. But our massive tracks with 4 lanes or more were able to handle the traffic. Remember, those trains use as much tiles as 1200 4 tile trains. Read the rest of this entry »

The Difference between Diagonal and Straight Tiles

Diagonal TilesI thought it is time for some more tricks and tips when playing OpenTTD. All of us use diagonal tiles when building train tracks. Of course, they are important. But you should know for sure that one diagonal tile has not the same length as a vertical/horizontal tile. This comes into play in a couple of situations.

First of all let’s have a look at the basics.
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