Advanced Building Revue 13: Self Regulating Stations II

Self-regulating Stations are one of the most insteresting stations known throughout OTTD. The purpose and design of such station may differ, but in general they make sure the self-regulating trains get fully loaded. This article will address the constructions and designs of Self-regulating stations, their limitations, and how this might be improved by building Asynchronous Self-regulating Stations – some preliminary concepts of Asynchronous Self-regulating stations will illuminate this topic, as well. Additionally, some of the newer Self-regulating Transfer stations are also included, as these stations act very similar to asynchronous stations. Here, some different designs will be shown, how is dealt with different features and the noteworthy exeptionalities.

If you are unfamiliar with Self-Regulating Networks (SRNW), then I advise to read Wiki – SRNW & ABR:09 – Self-regulating Stations I, prior to this article.


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Train Servicing and Autoreplace

When you play a standard game of OpenTTD through the years, then autoreplacing comes into play. As a bit of a hidden feature, autoreplacing is influenced by some Servicing settings which can change the way how autoreplacing works a lot. In this short article I will try to show you why and how to adjust your settings for best results.

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Creating Maps

You press Generate and done.

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General gaming guide at day9tv

There is a channel on based on Starcraft 2 by a person called Day9. It is someone who not only knows a damn lot about SC2 gameplay but he is an extremely clever person who thinks about things in an interesting way. And he is entertaining to listen to, at least for me.

What I want to share with you in this post is a link for his 400th daily episode. This time his daily is not completely related to SC2 but it is more of a general talk about how people think not only when playing SC2 or playing games in general. Of course it is not entirely relevant to OpenTTD in all aspects like for example making a surprise attack strategy, but many other points are very valid to consider even here.

Here is the link for the videos and below in the article I will try to show how do I think those points fit even to our environment.
Day9 daily 400

I really enjoy watching is videos despite I do not play Starcraft 2 just because he is such an entertaining person to listen to.

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Rivers during map generation

Just a quick note to all people who now generate maps: get a nightly version as of today or newer and thanks to Rubidium the maps can contain automatically generated rivers. The NewGame menu has a new option which allows to set the amount of rivers on a map – though the actual generated amount of rivers may vary depending on the roughness of the terrain.

Be careful with the rivers though – they don’t heal themselves and you can’t build them ingame 😉

Rivers in arctic climate