My OpenTTD Story

Hello, this time I am not going to write an article which would attempt to describe some part of building, or any other kind of documentation helpful for learning directly.

Through the time of me being around, it happened quite a few times that I was asked questions about things from the past, about history of openttdcoop, about what I myself did, what happened here and there.

To be entirely honest, I just got a new keyboard and I am just in the typing mood, which means I will not be paying too much attention to proper well thought out structure of the article or similar things, I will just put it as it comes and one more thing … and do not expect images! 😀

Alright, now we lost 99% readers by not including images, we can continue… It might be short, it might be long, it might be useful, it might not. Either way I hope you enjoy reading as much as possible and perhaps the article will help you understand how the things around here work.

I wish you a good read of the random nonsense which follows :>

Bring it

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Don’t Try This At Home: ProZone Game 2013

HI, my name is V453000 and welcome to Trainass!

In this episode we will be attempting to cause severe brain damage by reviving Pro Zone Game 13 played in summer 2010, trying to make it work in the current nightly version. As you will be able to read down below, this is easier said than done and carries a lot of complications along the road, but results in a sweet reward with 5000 tiny little bits of madness – ProZone Game 2013.

Reading anything below is at your own risk.

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ProZone open to public

Dear fellow cooperators,
we would like to proudly present to you our newest move, making ProZone the home of Finalizing and later stages of Public Server games.

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Orderless Multi Cargo SRNW – My first article!


After PZ Game 19 – some community members decided to play a Self Regulating Network (SRNW) game. However, the idea behind this game was challenging and rather different than the SRNW games we have seen on the public server. Because this game was, unfortunately, never finished it will not go to the archives. Because I think this game deserves some acknowledgment, I decided to write this small review about it and to show you guys what this game was all about as well. This is also my first article about something of the OTTD coop community; so I hope you guys will enjoy reading it and feedback is of course welcome.

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Advanced Building Revue 12: Overflows III

Let me introduce you to the third part of the Overflow series of ABR, in this article I aim to note the most interesting innovations to overflow construction which are not described in the previous articles. Also you will be able to read about some less overflow related things, but vital for general building. The article is not sorted chronologically, I am just going to describe a few concepts of designs, and sort them by complexity or just by how I think it is practical to build such an overflow.
The new most notable features I will present is the combo-signalled reverser and techniques of high throughput overflow stations.
I will of course not repeat many things, especially roles of each component in overflow stations. Therefore I strongly recommend to read ABR04: Overflows and ABR08: Overflows II before reading this one. I also did not mark the images with colours etc as much as I did previously, simply because recoznizing these should already be piece of cake if you want this article to be anyhow useful for you.

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