Coopetition – and the Winner is: Yexo

Hi there,

a long time since I blogged the last time, huh? Well, as I always pointed out, I’ll always stay in touch with ‘coop – and so I accidentally ran into a coopetition challenge at Sunday 4th!

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Coopetition PZ game

Today we were brainstorming on the PZ server for a new game. It finally brought us to a coopetition game. So Ammler + Yexo and Mark + myself teamed up to join a game of 8 years.

Are of heavy competition for goods.

In this area was a real competition going on between both teams for the goods created by the factory and saw mill.

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Merge with trunk of NoAI branch

Fellow coopers,

great news, another big step forward in OpenTTD development: the new framework for computer players has been merged from the NoAI branch into trunk. So, from now on, there’s no need anymore to complain about those stupid AI which OpenTTD had up until now – everyone may programme his or her own AI with as much intelligence as desired. Like many people did as documented in the NoAI subforums. Check out the threads there for different AIs.

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Busses, Highways and the common Bus Driver

Today planetmaker and I did a nice test game to prepare for another competition against NoAI opponents. Of course we are interested in a real comparable competition and want, therefore, only build road vehicles. A wise preparation is necessary, otherwise we might get a nasty surprise.
We tested the behavior of road vehicles, intersections and bus stops.

Bus Stop
A Bus Terminal
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#openttdcoop vs. AI

Yesterday evening we had mostly spontaneous hit at testing some of the new AIs which are around for the NoAI branch which is currently very actively developed for OpenTTD. Using r13726-noai loaded with 2x convoy (written by GeekToo) and 1x AdmiralAI (written by Yexo), the team of Ammler, Mucht, Osai, dihedral and myself set out to have a measure on the playing strength of the current AIs. Later Tim joined in on us. Yexo, the creator AdmiralAI, of one of the best AI around (see tournament chart), supervised the AIs and took care of the general setup.
Terminal 2 - one of our starting terminals

Terminal2 and the adjacent town – one end of our initial rail line. We haven’t been alone there since the very beginning.

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