Rivers during map generation

Just a quick note to all people who now generate maps: get a nightly version as of today or newer and thanks to Rubidium the maps can contain automatically generated rivers. The NewGame menu has a new option which allows to set the amount of rivers on a map – though the actual generated amount of rivers may vary depending on the roughness of the terrain.

Be careful with the rivers though – they don’t heal themselves and you can’t build them ingame 😉

Rivers in arctic climate

Stochastic Networks

You will probably have seen, or participated, in the last Public server game, which was all about logic. I’ll try to explain it in a bit.

After recent interests in self-regulating construction, there was an attempt to improve the usability of such designs. We have already seen self-regulating networks, where dummy trains transfer cargo onto ML trains, and recently self-regulating orders where vehicles could potentially go to all stations. What has not yet been done is to apply a form of regulation to point-to-point passenger games.

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OpenTTD 0.7.0-beta1 released

According to changeset 15502 the OpenTTD Developers released the first beta version of OpenTTD 0.7.0. When I started playing several years ago I always observed the roadmap page at the OpenTTD Wiki which always stated that a release of 0.7.0 is far, far, far away and will probably never happen. But finally here we are and there are some great new features (despite the general bugfixes, optimizations and minor tweaks) in the box which you definitely should not miss.
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The Feature – spree continues

Just yesterday OpenTTD got another nice feature added to trunk: arbitrary map edges! From todays nightly onwards the map borders no longer need to be water but can be at any height, allowing for a far greater flexibility and also nicer looking maps which especially adds to certain scenarios (like coastal scenarios where you don’t want to have islands…)
arbitrary map edges (in trunk since r15190)

arbitrary map edges (in trunk since r15190)

The game creation dialogue got a new button which allows you to choose the sides which are enforced to be water:game configuration window

game configuration window
This option is only available though, if you allow freeform map edges in the advanced settings (it is found in the construction section). Congratulations to and two thumbs up for OpentTTD’s newest dev, Yexo. Happy gaming to all.

Have a banana everyone!

For just a weekend offline I return to discover another new feature merged to trunk OpenTTD when reading the changelog: In the fruit basket I found a bunch of bananas, or more properly spellt, BaNaNaS.

BaNaNaS is an acronym which stands for Base graphics And NewGRF And NoAI And Scenarios and is the new content delivery system of OpenTTD. It allows you to update to the newest version of base grfs (OpenGFX), NewGRFs and NoAI – computer players.
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