New Member Zone game started

New MemberZone game started

Today we started a new Member Zone game. That’s great and I hope that all the stressed members will have a bit time to play the game. MemberZone games are a bit different and the last game was finished almost 4 months ago. Some of our members didn’t play a MZ game yet and I was asked what is the difference between MZ and PS.

Well, I have to admit this is a difficult question.
One big difference is probably the different interpretation of our rules. Some rules we follow very strictly, like correct signalling, network flow (bottlenecks, jams, evil Xs). But sometimes we prefer building with good style. Sometimes role playing is part of the building process or you have a special idea/scenario in your mind which you want realise.

In my opinion this is a very difficult question, therefore I want to make an example. On the picture below you can see a nice water supply dam with a double road and a river. This is a really nice scenery. In fact, too nice to build a massive-monster-BBH between those nice lighthouses. Here comes role-playing into play. I don’t want to present you any ideas, but in the end of this game I’ll compare this picture with the final result. I am excited already.
Water Supply Dam

Since we are using GRFPack 7-beta1 some pretty stable versions of the ECS vectors by George are included. On his page you can find a very detailed schema about all the vectors.
ECS vectors by George

While building the Money Maker, I just saw some other beautiful spots.
Depot in the woods
Depot in the woods

A train track at the coastline
A train track at the coastline

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  1. dih March 13, 2008 13:52

    nice one 🙂

    i need to come and play – i have not touched ottd in a few weeks now 🙁

  2. XeryusTC March 13, 2008 23:09

    Note that we are playing this game with the following plan/rules:

    1) Steam engines only
    2) LR tracks only
    3) Signal distances is 4 instead of 2
    4) Low terraformm, like Werkloze Desyncs which was the original (and IMO still the best) low terraform game
    5) Connect all industries and cities on the same network
    6) Various train length, anything between TL 4 and 10 goes
    7) No station walking

    I should say that you shouldn’t try these rules on the PS, it might go horribly wrong without the structured world that is the Member Zone.

  3. dih March 14, 2008 18:00

    lol – that is mean ^^ but fair 🙁

    but perhaps if people start communicating more *points at his thread* 😛

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