Under the Scope: Path Based Signals + Terminus & 2-Way RoRo Stations

PBS - TeaserFor three weeks YAPP (PBS) is in trunk now and we had some games using the feature of Path (Based) Signals. I had a closer look at this feature and some serious discussions with developers and other players. In this review, I want to collect and summarize the main aspects of YAPP as far as I understood them, show you new possibilities for terminus-like stations, pitfalls and much more.

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Video Tutorial for the Terminus Station

After fiddling around with a lot of video tools I created a first Video Tutorial of the ‘Osai-like’ Terminus Station. Mainly for those who want to follow the whole process in detail and also for those who want to check out the quality of this video. This is my first Video and I didn’t edit it too much. Give me some comments and feedback.

Additionally I created a Video Directory where you can browse and download videos.

Terminus Station Tutorial

Osai styled Terminus Station

Due to the many request I finally created a step-by-step tutorial to show you how to build a very easy variant of my Terminus Station (The Draft for this post exists since July). The bridges over tunnels seemed to be confusing for some readers. Anyway I have to say again: ‘bridges over anything’ only work with the r7573 and higher nightly buids, not with OpenTTD 0.5.x series (Roadmap).

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