OSQC the follow up … at last

It has been way to long, but here it is the second OpenTTDCoop Scenario Quest Competition. In the scenario file you’ll find the goals for this map. Deadline to submit the game is August 31st 23:59 CEST. Submitting can be done by raising an issue at the OTTD Dev Zone under category OSQC. Judgement will be done by members of OTTD.
OSQC 2010 - 01
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OSQC#01 (finally) finished

Dear folks,

some of you may remember the long forgotten #openttdcoop scenario quest competition (osqc). We tried but failed to gather the judgings of more than two people (Mark and myself) on the 8 final submissions to the contest. A far bigger number of people actually played that map back in early 2008, though.

A complete description of the task and the initial map supplied to the participants can be found here. A quick recap is this image

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#osqc – small update

Hello community,

long time no post from me… I’m still alive, although my work, some illness and further social activities kept me away from both my PC and #openttdcoop. As Osai wrote before, I’m working on the second scenario for the #osqc which has – again – some epic story around. The scenario goal is not difficult to reach but this time, the main focus is on building a smoothly fitting, yet high capacity track into the landscape. Of course, this implies less “hard-facts” to judge about – it is up to the jury to judge about “soft aspects” as track design, terraforming and network efficiency.

I’m confident to keep up the deadline of february 10th and looking forward to look at savegames of #osqc 1!

Have a nice weekend.

OSQC – delayed

Hello Community,
due to personal problems, a lot of work and my sport I was not able to finish the osqc web-interface yet. The current one isn’t coded either! Please send your save games to ottdcoop@ppcis.org.

Deadline for the #OSQC 01 is: 10 February 08

The next #osqc will be delayed and it is still not clarified which one it’ll be. Mucht is still coping with the flu and my scenario is only 15% done. Anyway, I want to show you a little teaser for the next scenario. I am really happy about the amount of participants at our very first round of #osqc.
Teaser for the second OSQC

Working hard on OSQC

It was quite silent here the last couple of days and I have a lot of stuff in the pipeline. For now I just want to give you a little update on the osqc interface.
I decided to store all the submitted in a database and after the osqc all of them can be downloaded. While the osqc is running, only the creator and the judges can download the solution. Another thing I bear in mind is a little support system to answer all the upcoming questions very elegant.

judge area mock-up
Preview of the judging area

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