Information about OSQC

The first osqc is, besides some minor issues, a great success. I am really impressed. A lot of the problems were answered directly by me and others were discussed in the according tt-forums thread.
Already 23 players signed up for the first scenario. If you have finished your scenario and created the final solution you probably want to submit it. I didn’t create the submit form yet *shame on me*. Instead I started coding a complete interface for #osqc. Which is quite complex and includes all the features we need. I.e. a judging area, trouble tickets for your questions about the scenario, the ratings and much more.

Please be patient, it is quite a lot to do. If you feel able to help us and speed up the development, contact us.
In the meantime you have to send your scenario via e-mail to Please use the e-mail address you signed up with and add your username + code to the subject of the e-mail. It makes it easier to analyse the mails.

I am also thinking about the judging procedure. My last idea was:
5 Judges: , <2 Coop Members> & <2 coop suspects or volunteers>. Read more about that at the osqc:Talk page

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