OSQC – delayed

Hello Community,
due to personal problems, a lot of work and my sport I was not able to finish the osqc web-interface yet. The current one isn’t coded either! Please send your save games to ottdcoop@ppcis.org.

Deadline for the #OSQC 01 is: 10 February 08

The next #osqc will be delayed and it is still not clarified which one it’ll be. Mucht is still coping with the flu and my scenario is only 15% done. Anyway, I want to show you a little teaser for the next scenario. I am really happy about the amount of participants at our very first round of #osqc.
Teaser for the second OSQC

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  1. Sedontane January 31, 2008 22:30

    looks exciting – can’t wait and the extra time is good news – was worried I wouldn’t be done in time

    Looking forward to OSQC #2


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