something different for dutch(speaking) players

I may have said it a few times on IRC but nowadays I’m quite busy with a roleplay forums that me and some of my friends of tt-forums have set up: This site is all about roleplaying different parts of public transport, one person plays a transport company, the other plays a company that builds trains/busses etc, the other plays a part of the government. Read the rest of this entry »

Roles, Large Boats and Shared patch

I have a proposal for a fancy game we can try, which would involve multiple companies filling in for specific roles, shared global exchange idea and large capacity ships. In a nutshell – it is schema where each company is given a region, and it would not deliver any of local cargo (thus delivering all primaries to an exchange point) while being sole owner of some secondary industry and processing required materials delviered from other regions (taken from exchange point).
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Whats a terraformer?

We just had an interesting game on the Public Server (Game 59 when it closes down and is archived), where we tried to play a whole map without any terraforming, and IMO it was a blast. It was hard, tricky and challenging, but it was a blast. The most common problems was ‘relearning’ how to build stations and hubs without using any kind of terraforming to make room for it. Luckily we were realistic about our first try and got it on a very flat map so it wasn’t that big issue as it could have been. But nevertheless it forced us to think an extra time about where to place it and how to use the enviroment around the area to be used for making it even easier because you wanted to make the network just slightly more efficient.

The only turnoff for people was that they had some problems with that it wasn’t as easy as it used to be, failing to like a good challance from time to time. This aren’t a kind of game to be played several times in a row, but one here and then forces you to think outsite the box about how to build diffent things, but it have to be on a relatively flat map if possible to make it that tiny bit easier with fewer lakes than the game we had. they are a pain to bypass unless you ‘cheat’ with canals at waterline paired with liberal use of dynamite, though it could debated weather it is some kind of terraforming or not.

Europe et large coop game

There is another big game on Alanin’s server – large scale europe map.

It’s a new game type we want to try with our community. Goals are – realistic functionality and eyecandy looks. Where possible – based on historical/geographical data and very minor landscaping (aside of breaking long bridges). The end result should not look exactly as current europe railway map, but it should feel close to that, being combined cargo and pax game.
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Shinkhansen, SBahn

Menway-on-sea is part of the Shinkhansen Network now!
Menway-on-sea is a small town, a sleeping beauty in the deep forests of the nation. In the year 1965, this situation suddenly changed: executives of the grand national rail company “Kasimasi Transports” decided to connect the town to the newly invented Shinkhansen Network, a highspeed train network for passenger transport only.

SBahn and Shinkhansen integrated into the landscape
As you may imagine, local authorities were not amused about Kasimasi Transports’ proposal. Both sides agreed on a clause about noise barriers, afforestation and environmental efforts carried out by the train company. As you may see on this aerial photo, Menway-on-sea received both a highly efficient commuter system and a link to the nationwide high-speed-train network.