something different for dutch(speaking) players

I may have said it a few times on IRC but nowadays I’m quite busy with a roleplay forums that me and some of my friends of tt-forums have set up: This site is all about roleplaying different parts of public transport, one person plays a transport company, the other plays a company that builds trains/busses etc, the other plays a part of the government.

The goal of the game is to get a good public transportation running by interaction of different players. And this is where it gets fun, multiple people try to compete to get a consession or people try to get to a general solution to a problem.

All of this is done based on the Dutch railnetowrk, roads and governments so it is mostly for Dutch players, although the only prerequisite for taking part in this roleplay is that you are able to speak Dutch. So I invite all of the Dutch people reading this to come and join
A sample train

I might also note that a bit of general knowledge about trains/busses/trucks etc might be useful although I have done perfectly without knowing a thing on certain areas.

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