Shinkhansen, SBahn

Menway-on-sea is part of the Shinkhansen Network now!
Menway-on-sea is a small town, a sleeping beauty in the deep forests of the nation. In the year 1965, this situation suddenly changed: executives of the grand national rail company “Kasimasi Transports” decided to connect the town to the newly invented Shinkhansen Network, a highspeed train network for passenger transport only.

SBahn and Shinkhansen integrated into the landscape
As you may imagine, local authorities were not amused about Kasimasi Transports’ proposal. Both sides agreed on a clause about noise barriers, afforestation and environmental efforts carried out by the train company. As you may see on this aerial photo, Menway-on-sea received both a highly efficient commuter system and a link to the nationwide high-speed-train network.

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