Roleplaying: terribly failed or needs more thought?

It has been decided today to stop the mainserver game because we feeled like we finished the role playing. After 6 hard hours and having all build our networks there was nothing more to do then try to transport goods between countries, which is quite boring as it takes a while to negotiate for simple things. There was also no real competition as there was no one fighting for the same industries as you could deny someone from your industry.
So this is the end of a new expirimental game, which could be redone with some changes. The first is subsidiaries so we can run trains on each others networks and pick up goods from each others stations (maybe the devs could look into the subsidiaries patch?). Another would be a custom scenario which would force people to make contracts with others for transporting goods because they don’t have certain industries in their country. Another thing could be a more defined rule set as Progman changed some things during the game.

The Country is rising

35 years have past since the start of the roleplaying game on the mainserver. The four companies grown very well and still improving their network. It would be all fine if there wasn’t the “Kingdom of Togglepool”, the Goverment of the game. This institution takes care the complaints and requests from the citizens. One example was the ticket #04 for “Coercina Government” to preserve the reservation area of “Sleepyton Woods”. Or the ticket #06 where a farmer complaints too many tracks from “Muchtonia Transports” cross the fields of the farm resulting in decreasing crops. These are some problems which the companies must take care of. Beside these tickets the Goverment manages the borders of the lands and collect taxes for crossing these borders. At the moment these are about 200k for each bridge per year. The companies close deals to transport goods across the borders to reach industries which doesn’t exists in their own land.

As you see there aren’t any limits of imagination what to do in this roleplaying as long as you pay enougth taxes to Mr. Mother 😉


Roleplaying is a concept most people are familiar with, either on-line, in real life or in the bedroom. But we’re going to bring it to #openttdcoop. We started a new game on the mainserver which comes with an all new concept: there are multiple countries (companies) all managing their own island and a mother company which handles all the inter-country transport.
We currently have the following companies:

  • Stokkel NV (XeryusTC)
  • Coercina Government (hylje)
  • Muchtonia Transports (Mucht)
  • Thieringia Express (Thgergo)
  • IJsland BV (everyone else, mother company).

This idea was born out of a spider-in-the-web idea of mine, but as always, my idea got a 180 flip and now we have some kind of competition on the mainserver.

You will see more blog posts about this game from other members over the time in the new category “Roleplay”. They will tell something about their countries and what happens in it, and remember, it’s just imagined so don’t panic when someone does something completely screwy ;).