Announcement: wwOTTDgd #2 on 12th July

Previous posts, both here and in the tt-forums or even the OpenTTD wiki already spread the rumour that there might happen a second world wide OpenTTD gaming day. Finally the vote for a date has been closed and the decision is quite clear: the majority of people prefer 12th July as the date for wwottdgd, server will be open for joining from approx. 7am UTC (9am CEST) onwards.

The general idea behind the world wide OpenTTD gaming day is to allow up to 55 clients playing on a single server in a single game simultaneously, making OpenTTD into a real multiplayer environment, both competitive and cooperative. The scenario we will provide is a map with a central island , surrounded by six peninsulas. Each of these regions is the home to one distinct company. Industries are distributed such that each company can make a good start, but for further expansion cooperation with other companies is required. Cooperation? Yes – the version of OpenTTD we prepare for this even will allow you to use the tracks and stations of other companies for a fee! Besides the possibility to use the infrastructure of other companies, there is a range of other playing enhancements:

A complete overview of patches can be found in the thread in the dev section, though some modifications still might be done.

Interested? Then have a look at the wiki page, maybe team up with a bunch of friends and sign up for one of the companies! Stay tuned for further updates and join #wwottdgd on 12th July.

Download links for pre-compiled binaries will be provided on that day, so all you got to do is download, fire up and join our special wwottdgd server. Contact us on IRC or post in the tt-forums thread if you have questions.

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  1. tneo July 6, 2008 18:40

    Great looking forward to the event. 🙂

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