Dev-Server: alpha test of wwottdgd patch

Quite some time passed since the last (and first) World wide OpenTTD game day was celebrated. As on most accounts it was a very nice and joyfull experience, we decided to make steps forward to a next experience of that kind: Up to 55 players playing on a single map in different companies with the possibility to share infrastructure for a price with other companies.

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Join our small town #openttdcoop, located in the heartlands of the United Kingdom 😉

Some of us should visit instead. It is the next level.
Update 2:
Level three is now unlocked, please use: to improve our transport network.
Update 3:
I installed a little plugin which automatically generates the best link to trigger and also shows you our stats (thx Doke for the XML link).

YAPP – Yet Another PBS Patch

Since a few days a nice patch is discussed at the tt-forums. It is another try to implement PBS in OpenTTD. The first idea of PBS is almost three years old. The old PBS was only supported by NPF (the old ‘new-pathfinder’) and since YAPF became the common standard the development was not continued.
We are currently running a dev server with YAPP (r12062M)
You can find the password at our irc channel: @

This new patch looks really promising. The code is clean and fits to the standard openttd developers prefer. Now, lets have a look at the details. Read the rest of this entry »

Playing together with 50 guys on the same server

Wouldn’t that be a cool thing to try?

Screen from

dihedral and me talked about that and we came to the idea to make a “World Wide OpenTTD Game Day”. So, we are searching for a day where most people are online and we all should try to play together.

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Patch: Train Collision Cache

stillunknown created an awesome patch which reduces the CPU usage quite a bit. The idea is to reduce the train collision checks with a sort of cache instead of a an on-going loop (details @ tt-forums).
Tonight we did some tests how this patch affects the game and it is quite impressing. I don’t want to say this is was a real performance test, but we checked the CPU load with a patched and an unpatched version of OpenTTD (r10048). My local machine was used as the server (PPC G5 2GHz) and as references we used Public Server Game #09 and Game #34.

The Results (vary with network layout, amount of trains and so on):
cpu usage in percent
Game#34: w/o patch: ~45%; patched: ~40% (~700 trains)
Game#09: w/o patch: ~67%; patched: ~50% (~1300 trains)

Especially games with a big mainline loop profit from this great patch.