OpenTTD 0.7.0-beta1 released

According to changeset 15502 the OpenTTD Developers released the first beta version of OpenTTD 0.7.0. When I started playing several years ago I always observed the roadmap page at the OpenTTD Wiki which always stated that a release of 0.7.0 is far, far, far away and will probably never happen. But finally here we are and there are some great new features (despite the general bugfixes, optimizations and minor tweaks) in the box which you definitely should not miss.

Major changes

  • Freeform map edges
  • Path based signals
  • NoAI framework
  • Central content server a.k.a BaNaNaS
  • Aqueducts

For a detailed list check the wiki page mainly created by Roujin

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  1. Ammler February 18, 2009 13:11

    Don’t forget to mention the possibilty to play OpenTTD without the need of original base GRFs, some of us will be able to sleep better again. 😉

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