Join our small town #openttdcoop, located in the heartlands of the United Kingdom 😉

Some of us should visit instead. It is the next level.
Update 2:
Level three is now unlocked, please use: to improve our transport network.
Update 3:
I installed a little plugin which automatically generates the best link to trigger and also shows you our stats (thx Doke for the XML link).

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  1. Osai February 27, 2008 23:17

    Yay… our city is growing =)

  2. dih February 28, 2008 12:11

    you can visit one link a day 🙂
    paying attention to the current status of the town (unemployment, crime, etc) and remembering the url one would need to visit the next day to even things out is a little hint of mind ^^

  3. Doke February 28, 2008 18:08

    Nice idea to make openttd more popular. If everybody gives a dayly click, we can reach Top100.

    If you arent sure which link to use, try this link:
    and look what kind of enhancement you should make.
    If everything is ok, make new pop [], else increase ind(ustry) [] or (soon available ) tra(nsport), sec(urity) or (sometime) env(ironment).

    Greetz, Doke

  4. Osai February 28, 2008 19:15

    this xml link is really great, I could create a little box which shows our stats and gives information which link should be clicked + showing our stats. 🙂
    Great thingy.

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