YAPP in Trunk

Exactly 42 commits were necessary to merge the ‘Yet Another Path Based Signaling Patch’ a.k.a. [YAPP] to the trunk (information from developer). We reported about this interesting patch in february ’08 first and played a PBS game on our Public Server.
I am really looking forward how popular YAPP will get and how it’ll be used in the upcoming games. PBS makes a lot of things much easier, but we should also check how it affects system resources: i.e. cpu usage.
All in all its great to see a patch (of this size) after almost half a year in trunk.

Well done 🙂

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  1. planetmaker August 3, 2008 14:32

    Wow! There you are a few days offline, just checking the blog – and then this! That’s awesome news. Good work by all, especially Michi_cc.

  2. AlexUhde August 5, 2008 09:32

    YEPP!! I just changed a couple of my old stations with this new signal and I have to say that my station can handle the trains faster now!


  3. […] three weeks YAPP (PBS) is in trunk now and we had some games using the feature of Path (Based) Signals. I had a closer look at this […]

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