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Since r11926 OpenTTD supports rivers. Of course this is a very interesting feature which we should have a closer look at. OpenTTD doesn’t support rivers in the first place, you need Michael Blunck’s rivers.grf (in the download section). If you do not use this grf file, rivers will look like canals and the rapids will have grf glitches. You can only build rivers in the scenario editor.

Rivers in OpenTTD

Lets have a closer look at the details:
Rivers work basically in the same way as canals, although there are some general differences. These might change with further development.


  • You can delete rivers in-game. Though you can’t flood anything because they act like canals.
  • You can build bridges over and tunnels under rivers.
  • Ships can sail on rivers


Ships can’t sail on rapids. You have to build a lock instead.
Rivers & Locks

You can’t build buoys on rivers. I think that’s quite a pitty.
Rivers & Buoys

It is a great new feature, with a lot potential.
Some ideas came to mind:

  • Don’t allow deleting of rivers in game
  • Allow building buoys on rivers
  • Capabilities to auto-generate rivers within the map-generator
  • Include an own *.grf file in the OpenTTD version, instead of manually adding another one first

Some more things that are going on can be found at OpenTTD Wiki
and at tt-forums.net


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  2. planetmaker February 7, 2008 20:47

    The link in the stats blog to the most viewed (=this) will make certain it stays the most viewed one for the time being :).

  3. zilfondel April 27, 2008 00:13

    Is this included in the #6 build?

  4. Osai April 27, 2008 07:45

    Yes it is included in 0.6.0 (if you mean this with #6).
    Though you can’t build rivers in-game. They are only available in the Scenario Editor.

  5. Pascal Wolkotte August 5, 2008 19:44

    # Capabilities to auto-generate rivers within the map-generator.

    That is now possible with the Patch: Create realistic heightmap, water & town placement (see http://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=33956)

  6. Bulwersator October 5, 2011 06:57

    “Capabilities to auto-generate rivers within the map-generator” – now in trunk!

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