#openttdcoop NewGrf Package Version 7.0 released

We are proud to finally announce the final release of our NewGrf Package Version 7.0. More than 40 changes were applied since the release of the beta. For example the new version of the Canadian Set (v0.3c) is included.
Check out our logfile or the cia.vc profile. The next release will be a maintenance release (7.1) showing up after a certain amount or some important fixes are done.
#openttdcoop NewGrf Package Version 7.0 released

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#openttdcoop NewGrf Package 7-beta1

#openttdcoop NewGrf Package 7-beat1 (554,3KB)

After two month without any progress and some weeks with a lot of discussions, decisions and of course work, we finally release the first beta version of the #openttdcoop NewGrf Package Version 7. This is another big step, because we decided to change the way we administrate NewGrf files. To cut a long story short, we control the files now with Subversion, a versioning system. A lot of you might know this system, because it is used buy our all beloved OpenTTD game as well and those revision numbers are generated by svn.
It is definitely worth too look into svn and add the package to your OpenTTD data/ folder with this method, it saves you a lot of time and traffic. Methods, how to do this, are shown below.
Of course we will provide the normal packages (*.zip, *.rar, *.7z, etc.) as well, to reach all users.

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Idea: ‘Coop’ GRF’s

Hey guys, I was just tapping my fingers and thinking about how awesome eyecandy is in OTTD, when I had an origional(ish) thought. Wouldnt it be cool if we had a couple of GRF’s made by coop for coop? I know that alot of our members make GRF’s so we should have an awesome talent base. Mabye we could start with a HQ graphic GRF. It always bores me that basically by the time we have finished our MM we already have the highest level HQ, so I was thinking we should add more, but with a coop touch. I thought it’d be awesome if we had some _huge_ skyscraper as the highest level HQ (I mean, 5 stories tall is hardly going to put a mark on the map). The coop touch: On the roof, or on a sign on the side of the building, we should have a huge label “COOP” or something like that (depending on what’ll fit >_<; ).

I’d really like to see about four or five new HQ’s added, each requiring a company value of several millions before they appear. So our HQ is upgrading constantly during our games ^__^

But yeah, I have exactly zero experience with making GRF’s but I have four months of holidays and i’d really like to contribute something to the Coop experience. If a couple of people want to join in and make a project like this, plus would be willing to teach me, I think we could pump out a couple of coop unique GRF’s, and really get our name out there 🙂

(Yes, I do know there is a Big HQ GRF, but we dont usually play with it and it is only small compared to what I’d like to see ^_^)

If you have any ideas, comments, suggestions, rants, or general feelings about my awesomeness (joke), please comment here, or if you want to contact directly, send me an email at mlawrenceofarabia at hotmail dot com

Thanks for reading.

#openttdcoop NewGrf Pack v6 final released

The latest update of our NewGrf Pack happened really silently. But to keep you all up-to-date I want to attract notice about this latest update. The list of all changes (and its huge) can be found on the corresponding Wiki Page. Though the last change from beta to final was the inclusion of the NewWater Grf from Leppka version 0.6 which is still not supported by the latest nightly builds of OpenTTD. The patch is already in development and maybe this posting fortifies the devs to include it :-). Of course you can find the download page with all available archives at the same place as always.

Ammler decided to slow down the development of the NewGrf Package. It is a lot of work and you need a lot of time. In my opinion this Package is really nice and almost complete. There were a lot of discussions about versioning the package and its updates. We didn’t find a good way to solve this problem yet. Maybe this is the next step. Of course we will update the package if major updates of important grfs are released.