#openttdcoop NewGrf Pack v6 final released

The latest update of our NewGrf Pack happened really silently. But to keep you all up-to-date I want to attract notice about this latest update. The list of all changes (and its huge) can be found on the corresponding Wiki Page. Though the last change from beta to final was the inclusion of the NewWater Grf from Leppka version 0.6 which is still not supported by the latest nightly builds of OpenTTD. The patch is already in development and maybe this posting fortifies the devs to include it :-). Of course you can find the download page with all available archives at the same place as always.

Ammler decided to slow down the development of the NewGrf Package. It is a lot of work and you need a lot of time. In my opinion this Package is really nice and almost complete. There were a lot of discussions about versioning the package and its updates. We didn’t find a good way to solve this problem yet. Maybe this is the next step. Of course we will update the package if major updates of important grfs are released.

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  1. Ammler November 12, 2007 11:02

    If you like to see newwater in action, join the member zone server, we have there a patched version running.

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