Advanced Building Revue 07: Stations

Building stations is one of the most essential things in OpenTTD. To build a station doesn’t require any experience (besides knowing which button to press), although construction of a station that works perfectly requires some deeper and in under-rated amount of knowledge. The point of this article isn’t in showing all possibilities how to make a station, but it should note as many things as possible in terms of what to consider when building a station and also, talking about signalling styles which are sadly almost ignored. Here I present to you, ABR07: Stations.
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Coopetition PZ game

Today we were brainstorming on the PZ server for a new game. It finally brought us to a coopetition game. So Ammler + Yexo and Mark + myself teamed up to join a game of 8 years.

Are of heavy competition for goods.

In this area was a real competition going on between both teams for the goods created by the factory and saw mill.

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Public Server Game #124 Pimped Edition

The recently completed Public Server Game 124 is archived with about 1700 trains. Coop wouldn’t be coop if we didn’t push OpenTTD to it’s limits and that we did. Of course you can download the final savegame, take care you need r14922 or higher.

Back bone hub with 8 mainline tracks

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Creating a good new game – Call for scenarios and maps

As we currently have started a new game, prior to that – as usual – the discussion about what kind of map should be chosen, which newgrf we should use and which – if at all – boundary conditions should be used. This may drag a bit – to the dismay of a few persons, wishes may even be mutually exclusive – or result in less than optimally configured games.

Introduction screen of OpenTTD

Start screen and main menu of OpenTTD

Therefor I’d like to encourage all people to consider setting up a nice new game and providing a savegame from which a new public server game (or possibly also pro zone game) might start.
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Complex Orders and Improved S-Bahn Concept

Another great and useful feature which one or two didn’t recognize yet are Conditional Order Jumps. They are not available in OpenTTD 0.6.3 but if you are playing with recent nightly builds you should definitely use their advantages. As the name says you can use these special entries in the list to jump to a certain order.
Lets get an overview about the usage first and therefor we start with the types of conditions.
Conditional Order Jumps
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