On the archeology of #openttdcoop – Part I

Hello folks,

Our community is having its fourth birthday this january. The year 2005 – sounds pretty recent, doesn’t it? In fact, if you analyze our community from today’s point of view you’ll notice what a long time 4 years can be! Today, I invite you to join me on my archeologic expedition into the past of #openttdcoop!
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We support Gravatars

If you are writing comments very often and want to give them a ‘better-to-recognise’ personal note you should have a closer look at gravatars. Via this service you can specify an avatar for your e-mail address. Our journal fully supports gravatars and you might use it on other pages as well.
Just create an account, verify your e-mail address, upload an avatar and you are done. It’s all free.

Don’t take this wrong, its not a must. I just want to inform you about the technical possibility.

novs.nl: something different for dutch(speaking) players

I may have said it a few times on IRC but nowadays I’m quite busy with a roleplay forums that me and some of my friends of tt-forums have set up: novs.nl. This site is all about roleplaying different parts of public transport, one person plays a transport company, the other plays a company that builds trains/busses etc, the other plays a part of the government. Read the rest of this entry »

Searching for limits – 2000 trains

Some weeks ago I had a little talk on IRC about shift-mainline games and numbers of trains. Personally I really like the SML concept, and I wanted to know if it is possible to squeeze more than 2000 trains into a single game and still get a fluent network. Read the rest of this entry »

Playing together with 50 guys on the same server

Wouldn’t that be a cool thing to try?

Screen from servers.openttd.org

dihedral and me talked about that and we came to the idea to make a “World Wide OpenTTD Game Day”. So, we are searching for a day where most people are online and we all should try to play together.

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