User Cleanup and Logo Contest

Today is the day. Today we got out our brooms and cleaned up our user databases.

We have chosen to do this to fight spam! Something nobody likes seeing on their websites. This means that any users without any edits made to the wiki have been deleted. Seeing as the amount of user (including spam accounts) was very high we also decided to check on our blog to spot such accounts and got removed aswell.

If for some strange reason you seem not to be able to login anymore: We’re sorry that this happend to you. But look at it from the positive side: Registering again is just a small task and we are looking forward to your edits and comments!

Something we still have going is our logo contest which is mentioned in this blog. We still accept entries till the 29th of February on .

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  1. LoPo February 20, 2012 14:25

    How is the Cleanup going? 🙂 and do we already have a Logo? Or should I LoPo make a LoGo 😉

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