#openttdcoop newGRF-pack 7.2 released (3 days ago)

Hey folks,

quite some improvements have been done to a lot of newgrf since the last release. Also the creators of the 2cc set are prodding us to use and test their creation – the 2cc train set. So we took the opportunity and gathered all changes and combined them in a new release.

#openttdcoop newGRF pack 7.2
A farm station near a farm and an oil well, taken from the ISR 7.1 and the farm, food plant and oil wells from PBI.

Get the grf pack from the usual location (see also right). It’s again available in various formats (7z, zip, tar.bz2, tar.gz, exe, rar and via svn). If you already own a previous pack, you might want to get the update archive only. And if you’re playing on a server which uses still older grf, you might also want to get the legacy pack.

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