#openttdcoop NewGrf Package Version 7.1 released

We are proud to announce the maintenance release of our #openttdcoop NewGrf Package, version 7.1. More than 40 changes were applied since the release of version 7.0.
Check out our logfile or the cia.vc profile.
Please note that this package is necessary to participate at wwOTTDgd #2.
If you like to check the md5sum of your download use our md5sum file.

As always, we have several options to download the #openttdcoop NewGrf Package 7.1

Full release

Legacy Pack (version 7.0)


GrfPack Version 7.1
Installing a new tag
$ mkdir ottdc_grfpack
$ cd ottdc_grfpack
$ svn co http://svn.openttdcoop.org/grfpack/tags/7.1

Update your pack
$ cd ottdc_grfpack
$ svn switch http://svn.openttdcoop.org/grfpack/tags/7.1

Alternatively you can also browse the NewGrf Directory.

4 comments so far

  1. Mucht July 13, 2008 20:59

    I want to congratulate all participants (again), especially Ammler and Osai for this great compilation of GRFs!

  2. planetmaker July 13, 2008 21:22

    Nice to have these updates now official in the most-used grf pack 🙂

  3. Ammler July 13, 2008 21:30

    Thanks to Kommer, he had to push me a little bit. 😛

  4. Kommer July 15, 2008 09:07

    Well, we did the release together 🙂

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