Increased Spam protection

SpamI increased the protection of our blog and deleted over 40 fake accounts. In the last several weeks the amount of fake user registrations increased drastically and there was new no plug-in available supporting this issue in wp 2.5 or higher.
But I found a nice article (German) how to solve this problem and the there mentioned plug-in SABRE works perfectly.
I hope I didn’t delete any real user accounts as I deleted all of them on instinct.

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  1. dih May 14, 2008 13:59

    you deleted mine…!

    no – just kidding 😛

  2. Osai May 14, 2008 14:39

    you scared me…. no… you can’t 😛

  3. T-Unit May 16, 2008 18:20

    Ive admired your work for a while and have a suggestion for you. When i tried to register an account i got the message “banned IP address”. I have posted a couple of comments over the last year, and viewed a few of your server games, have i done something wrong over that time to deserve a ban?
    Also where would be the best place to post an idea for a game?

  4. Mark May 16, 2008 18:24

    The best way to get in touch is to join our IRC channel. The channel is named #openttdcoop on the network.

  5. Osai May 16, 2008 23:28

    I am really sorry, but the system uses an external database to check IP’s, your IP is somehow blacklisted.
    I’ll create an account an account for you manually and send the data to your e-mail address.

    Best Regards,

  6. T-Unit May 17, 2008 15:43

    Thanks, all sorted now. Ill pop along to the IRC channel at some point.

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