Track curves

In games it is important that trains can stay up to speed, for the best flow of a network. In recent games we’ve noticed that curves in particular often aren’t long enhough, causing trains to slow down.

This screen shot shows various curves.

  • Curve A is absolute not done. Unless it is absolute needed and unavoidable, but even then ask others about suggestions.
  • Curve B is the minimum curve length, it causes slow downs but often proves valuable in tight spaces.
  • Curve C-E all are good accaptable curve lengths. Because slow down is also dependent on the maximum speed. For instance 8 tile maglev need longer curves then a 8 tile steam train.
  • Especially Curve A has been frequently used lately in Public Server games, although our game rules forbid the use of 45 degree turns suspects still tend to use them. I also like to point to the guide how not to build

    For more in depth info about curves see the following pages:

  • Recommended distances between corners
  • Vehicle speeds
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    1. mixrin May 8, 2008 19:24

      Nice! 🙂

    2. planetmaker May 9, 2008 15:28

      Nice article about a recently often neglected building essential.

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