Shiny new robot unveiled

Last night, I managed to get autopilot 2.0 out of the flat and into the great wide world. All the features you expect from a robot whose job is to sit at the openttd dedicated server console all day. He says hello to people, and he even remembers to unpause the game when people join.

Of course, he was only used to Linux computers, because that’s all I have. So, the first time he saw a Windows computer with OpenTTD, he panicked and managed to crash the server. After a couple of training sessions over the course of today, led in part by tt-forums user glx, he managed to get the hang of a specially adapted server and quite enjoyed himself in the end, earning himself two minor revision numbers.

He’s also quite talkative on IRC. He certainly has a lot more to say than his predecessor. Not only that, but he dilligently writes down everything that people say in the in-game chat for later review and potential blackmail.

Hopefully he won’t go bananas like the last one.

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  1. joomla September 21, 2006 16:42

    Hi peoples

    Hm, creative work

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