Yet Another PBS Patch

Yet Another PBS Patch or in short YAPP is a new engine of pathfinding, which enables trains to share track blocks.
YAPP train leaving station

In this article we wrote about this new engine before and now we are testing it on our Public Server Game 101. Right after our jubilee game a new step in the development of Open TTD. YAPP requires new building techniques as in different signalling and different station entry/ exit layouts. Join us in playing and testing this feature on the public server now!

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  1. Ammler June 14, 2008 13:48

    this wiki article might help too:

  2. planetmaker June 16, 2008 00:28

    Nice taster article.
    Indeed YAPP requires complete re-thinking of conventional building techniques. Interesting :). Unfortunately it doesn’t seem as stable as we hoped :S – though that may still be one of the NewGRF issues which we have from time to time especially as this game is overloaded with NewGRF.

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