Public Server Game #100 – A Jubilee

Public Server Game #100 requires OpenTTD 0.4.5, game start was 10.06.08 and the game ended yesterday.

Public Server Game #100 Preview

A little History

These days we are working on Public Server Game #100. This is a real jubilee. The idea of a Public Server was realized back in December 2005. After one year of #openttdcoop having only one Server we introduced the Public Server because there were too many players and new players. We also thought that the building guidelines we used to stick to at the Main Server are very uncomfortable for new players.
In the beginning we created a Tutor Company in each game. This company had a different color and we created signs at all problematic areas in the game. The company observed the progress and guarantied a good quality of the game. Nowadays we don’t use this anymore, because the invested amount of time is immense and a lot of experienced players join our Public Server.
All this happened even before the release of OpenTTD 0.4.5 (more than 2.5 years ago). If you have a look at the archives you’ll recognize that we played our first game with r3320. Most of the time we used nightly builds of OpenTTD, because in our opinion they are more ‘stable’ than the stables as issues get fixed faster and we have a close relationship to the OpenTTD devs. The revision counter is now > 13000 and this means we followed and observed a process of more than 10k revisions of OpenTTD.
In the beginning there were quite a lot issues with networking and desyncs but OpenTTD has become a supreme game and the number of issues is decreasing.
Unluckily no one of the old nicks from the first games is here anymore (except Mucht and me).

I just calculated: ~30 months Public Server and 100 games makes an average of 3,3 games per month = ~9 days / game.
Well Done Coopers.

I hope you liked my little story and I hope I can write another one when we hit #200 =)

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  1. tneo June 14, 2008 11:16

    Let’s get to those 200 and the average per game down… 😉

  2. planetmaker June 14, 2008 11:16

    Nice look-back post!

  3. pecet June 14, 2008 11:53

    I tested it in r13490 and loading fine, however all trains showing “No Power” error.

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