Server Updates

After more than ~127 hours of playing (that’s equivalent to ~5,3 days) we started a new game (#83) at our Public Server using OpenTTD Nightly Build r12168. The Settings are: 512×512, temperate landscape and DBSetXL.
Enjoy playing.

Michi_cc released Version 4.1 of YAPP, an urgent reason to update 🙂 We are using r12168M now.
Enjoy playing.
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The all new Public Server

Tonight we started the new Public Server which is provided by Phoenix the II. This is a great step and we might play bigger games on this server as well, because the specs are just frenzy:

  • CPU: Core 2 Duo 6600 (2.4 GHz)
  • Memory: 2048MB DDR2 1033MHz
  • HDD: 2x Seagate 250GB SATA2 in RAID1

You can reach the server via and the default port (3979).

Of course the games might not be playable for people with older hardware, this includes also me, but of course the most of us can play until 700-1000 trains.I think it is still good and another server with a different concept will be launched soon.
The current game is a 1024×1024 map, which reminds me of Pile Transport. We didn’t load a trainset as we might focus on monorail.

Enjoy Playing!

Impressions of Public-Server Game #74

The last Public-Server Game was quite a nice one. The game was played for more than 80 hours in six days (14th – 20th December). Due to the fact our players live throughout the world our games can run almost 24/7.
Connection to the Factory (PublicServer Game 74)

We built 600 trains with a train-length of 8 tiles. They bring a network quite into struggle. But our massive tracks with 4 lanes or more were able to handle the traffic. Remember, those trains use as much tiles as 1200 4 tile trains. Read the rest of this entry »

Public-Server Problems Solved

Today the Public Server was updated to the latest Nightly r11601. As well we had to fix several problems with the current game.

  • Cities didn’t accept food
  • Factories didn’t accept Steel, Plastic & Paper
  • You couldn’t build industries -> desync

Those problems where fixed. The only town which accepts food is Lenthwaite (there is also the Food Drop). I don’t want to go in details too much. Enjoy the game again. 🙂

New Public-Server Game started

Some minutes ago I archived PublicServer Game #71 and restarted the Public-Server. The new game is quite challenging. A difficult 256×1024 map, a lot of water and high mountains with rough coasts are difficult to handle. In my opinion a perfect place for a coop company. I also loaded the NARS train-set and PikkaBirds Industries.

Enjoy the game.

Btw. if you want to request a restart write an e-mail to openttdcoop [at] This makes life much easier for the administrators.