My OpenTTD Story

Hello, this time I am not going to write an article which would attempt to describe some part of building, or any other kind of documentation helpful for learning directly.

Through the time of me being around, it happened quite a few times that I was asked questions about things from the past, about history of openttdcoop, about what I myself did, what happened here and there.

To be entirely honest, I just got a new keyboard and I am just in the typing mood, which means I will not be paying too much attention to proper well thought out structure of the article or similar things, I will just put it as it comes and one more thing … and do not expect images! 😀

Alright, now we lost 99% readers by not including images, we can continue… It might be short, it might be long, it might be useful, it might not. Either way I hope you enjoy reading as much as possible and perhaps the article will help you understand how the things around here work.

I wish you a good read of the random nonsense which follows :>

Bring it

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New member: Maraxus

Ladies and madmen!

It is the time for a party again! Our inner circle is growing, adding a very nice person who has been around for a loong time, managing not just to learn a lot of things in various kinds, but also to build them very solidly, and placing them in situations where they suit best.

All of you know him, all of you love him (except people living under a rock), without further introduction, grab a beer and come raise even more madness with him!


Scheduled downtime of DevZone 28 August 20h – 21h CEST

On Wednesday 28 August 2013, starting around 20h CEST and estimated to last till 21h we will conduct maintenance on the DevZone server.

We plan to update the database server and the redmine frontend which allows management of the projects, thus access to the repositories will be limited during this time as well. Assuming all goes smoothly as in our tests, update will be done in 60 minutes, but we will need to check whether all things really go as well as our tests so far show.

We appologize for any inconvenience it causes.

Don’t Try This At Home: ProZone Game 2013

HI, my name is V453000 and welcome to Trainass!

In this episode we will be attempting to cause severe brain damage by reviving Pro Zone Game 13 played in summer 2010, trying to make it work in the current nightly version. As you will be able to read down below, this is easier said than done and carries a lot of complications along the road, but results in a sweet reward with 5000 tiny little bits of madness – ProZone Game 2013.

Reading anything below is at your own risk.

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New member: Vinnie

Ladies and madmen, it is  that time again! Our innermost circles have grown by yet another member.


Thanks to his unending will to learn, try new things, and build upon the knowledge gathered from the past, Vinnie was able to grasp literally all of contraptions we currently use and know.

Vinnie has always been one of the people who read wiki and blog articles very thoroughly, and always gathered the most out of it, understanding them very well, and it also showed in his results and building abilities.

A lot of his specialization is in constructing mergers – but it is hard to consider it just a specialization when merging logic applies to basically everything!

Last but not least, he added some noteworthy contributions to the wiki, his attitude towards others is most friendly as he sometimes even calls out who wants to learn something, and then explains it to them with unbelievable patience.

Everybody open a beer and start the cheer, because tonight we welcome Vinnie to our circle!


And let there be (more) madness!