Advanced Building Revue 07: Stations

Building stations is one of the most essential things in OpenTTD. To build a station doesn’t require any experience (besides knowing which button to press), although construction of a station that works perfectly requires some deeper and in under-rated amount of knowledge. The point of this article isn’t in showing all possibilities how to make a station, but it should note as many things as possible in terms of what to consider when building a station and also, talking about signalling styles which are sadly almost ignored. Here I present to you, ABR07: Stations.
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Building 101: double bridges and you

From the very start that you start building networks in OpenTTD you’ll need to have different tracks crossing each other. When you just start out this will be done by just simple level crossings which aren’t very efficient (except when using YAPP/PBS), later on you will start using bridges and tunnels to do this so different tracks don’t influence each other. Because bridges and tunnels don’t allow signals on/in them you will soon notice that you get slowdowns at them, the common solution is to use two bridges or tunnels for the same line and have their combined capacity compensate for the lack of signals. Unfortunately there are proper ways to do this and wrong ways to do it. Underneath I will discuss these and explain what you should and shouldn’t do.
An overview of the basic double bridges
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Train orders

In the last game I’ve noticed that quite a few stations like the following one.

The toy pickup should only have toys waiting because that is what gets picked up there, but it also has plastic waiting.

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Logging and statistics

As most of our players will know, we keep a log of activity on our Public Server. Few however know how it works, what is being stored and what we do with it. That’s why this blog will explain the basics of our logging functionality and what that means for openttdcoop and its players.

Example of a logfile.

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Advanced Building Revue 02: Splits

We have had many articles about mergers, merging, balancing, packing, and so on because it definitely is one of the most important parts in our every game. This one is about the counterpart. Splitting. In this article I would like to describe most of the types of splits and show the possible usages.


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