New member: Maraxus

Ladies and madmen!

It is the time for a party again! Our inner circle is growing, adding a very nice person who has been around for a loong time, managing not just to learn a lot of things in various kinds, but also to build them very solidly, and placing them in situations where they suit best.

All of you know him, all of you love him (except people living under a rock), without further introduction, grab a beer and come raise even more madness with him!


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  1. planetmaker August 31, 2013 17:59

    Welcome to the team, Maraxus! 🙂 May the forces of the rainbow be with you.

  2. RexConnors August 31, 2013 23:54

    Congrats Maraxus! Go raise some madness!

  3. LoPo September 1, 2013 09:58

    Congratulations Maraxus! 🙂

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