A few new icons.

I have three launchers on my desktop, one for each of the servers. To distinguish them without thinking, I altered the default openttd icon a bit for them:

openttd_welcome.128openttd_stable.128  openttd_public.128 openttd_prozone.128





Here they are for your delectation.  Enjoy.

A few hours later, V453000, who thought the colours not clear enough and the lettering too small for icons, made these:

ps_orange ws_blue ws_orange pz_badass pz_orange










Have fun, either way.

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  1. zxbiohazardzx May 24, 2013 20:19

    im loving these already!

  2. Mazur May 25, 2013 22:25

    Thank you for that, a bit of feedback, especially when positive, is quite appreciated.

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