Scheduled downtime of #openttdcoop Wednesday 3am CEST – 3pm CEST

Dear coopers,

we had been experiencing a few unexpected server issues. On the upcoming Wednesday 26th September 2012, starting at 3am CEST (GMT 1am) we’re conducting some hardware tests which will mean that all of #openttdcoop will be offline save the PublicServer (which runs on another machine). This includes this blog, the #openttdcoop wiki, the DevZone and the Welcome Server. This test might take a few hours but should be done hopefully quicker; we’ll be back as soon as feasible, so you might be lucky earlier than 3pm 🙂

Sorry for the inconvenience

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  1. V453000 September 25, 2012 08:49

    thank you for the maintenance :>

  2. tneo September 28, 2012 05:50

    Did you find what you were looking for?

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