Terminus Station Tutorial

Osai styled Terminus Station

Due to the many request I finally created a step-by-step tutorial to show you how to build a very easy variant of my Terminus Station (The Draft for this post exists since July). The bridges over tunnels seemed to be confusing for some readers. Anyway I have to say again: ‘bridges over anything’ only work with the r7573 and higher nightly buids, not with OpenTTD 0.5.x series (Roadmap).

Step 1:
Lets start with an easy 4×4 station. Very Important is, there are no signals in front of those platforms. I added some nice looking buffers.

Step 2:
In the next step easily level the landscape. We need to build two tunnels.
Step 2

Step 3:
Now just build those tunnels, kinda easy. But as you can see, over the tunnel-ed area the build a diagonal tile. They are the beginning for the bridges which will be built over the tunnel entrances soon.
Step 3

Step 4:
In the fourth step we are going to build some more parts of the entrance area.
Step 4

Step 5:
Now its time to build those bridges over the tunnels.
Step 5

Step 6:
Last but not least you can add the signals. This is the most simple solution containing two leaving tracks. Its up to your creativity how to combine them again.

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  1. Kommer October 11, 2007 11:46

    Nice tutorial!

  2. Chuteuk October 11, 2007 21:23

    Hey sweet thanks for this

  3. Ammler October 13, 2007 11:47

    Yeah, thanks to that, we don’t need PBS anymore. 😉

  4. tneo November 2, 2007 17:31

    Thanks for this. Will you add it to the Wiki?

  5. The #openttdcoop Blog November 7, 2007 23:58

    Video Tutorial for the Terminus Station…

    After fiddling around with a lot of video tools I created a first Video Tutorial of the ‘Osai-like’ Terminus Station. Mainly for those who want to follow the whole process in detail and also for those who want to check out the quality of th…

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  7. TheTiger August 1, 2008 21:47

    Very useful design, but just to have even more throughput it is better to move two inner platforms by 3 tiles to front to avoid 3 tiles long useless track before split, which causes incoming trains (when having full incoming line) to wait for empty track uselessly. Leaving inner tracks takes longer than leaving outer ones, just because of useless 3 tiles track before split.

  8. Osai August 1, 2008 21:53

    The Tiger: Thats true. I am just a fan of clean and synchronic layouts. Of course, in the matter of efficiency you are right 🙂

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